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Responding to Inquiries from Investors, Analysts and the Media

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People with Purpose

Speak with one authentic voice to our shareholders, our customers and our communities.

Our stakeholders deserve consistent, accurate, clear information about our Company. To ensure we comply with the law and protect our interests, only those who are specifically designated to do so should represent the Company to the public or the media.

Purpose in Practice

Responding properly to inquiries means we:

  • Are friendly and courteous but also firm when pressed for information we cannot disclose
  • Forward all media requests for information to our appropriate Media Relations Department (see Resources)
  • Never speak for the Company unless given specific authorization to do so
  • Assume that anything we say to media representatives is on the record
  • Do not disclose confidential, proprietary or other sensitive information

For more information, see Resources.


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leadership in action

I got an email from an industry blogger about a new line of insurance we just introduced. Can I direct her to the press release we just sent out because it's now public information?

Rather than send the link, it's still best to direct any media member to our Media Relations Department (or Public Relations team or Corporate Relations/Media Relations Department, if applicable). That way, if the blogger has additional questions or needs further resources, the response can be easily and expertly provided.

ECC Monitor: OK