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People with Purpose: Doing the Right Thing

Our Code declares who we are and what we stand for, integrating our policies with our principles and core values. It underscores our commitment to doing business legally and ethically, and provides both the foundation and the framework for the decisions we make and the actions we take every day, around the globe. It's also a practical tool to help us understand what is expected of us, how we live our core values and when we should seek help.

The Code applies to the entire Allstate Family of Companies. It's up to each and every one of us to lead from our seats and to stand firm in our commitment to understanding it, knowing how to use it and following it at all times. It contains references to relevant policies and insights into realistic scenarios we might face in a complex and demanding global marketplace. It also features specific guidance on how we can help Our Customers, Our Stakeholders, Our Communities and Our People to prosper without compromising our core values. This unyielding commitment to doing the right thing, in fact, strengthens and propels our business by making us more reliable, resilient and responsive to those we serve.

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