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Special Responsibilities of Managers

People leaders have a special responsibility to proactively promote the ethical culture we want to sustain and empower every employee to do the same. If we lead or supervise others, we should:

  • Provide personal leadership that demonstrates the highest quality and ethical standards every day
  • Achieve performance goals in ways that are consistent with our core values
  • Be aware of all laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and processes that relate to our responsibilities and direct employees accordingly
  • Remain engaged and consistent about regularly communicating the importance of our core values and policies and the consequences of failing to honor them
  • Ensure that team members have the knowledge, resources and training needed to follow the law and our Code and to develop their careers
  • Keep our core values and the Code in mind when making decisions about hiring, promoting and delegating
  • Identify and mitigate ethics, compliance and policy risks
  • Listen respectfully and respond in an appropriate and timely way to employees who seek advice or raise concerns
  • Address or escalate violations immediately
  • Stand firm against any form of intimidation or retaliation
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