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Respecting and Protecting Human Rights

People with Purpose

Respect individual human rights and insist that our business partners do the same.

We are dedicated to serving and protecting people. It goes against everything we stand for to look the other way when we see human rights abuses or to knowingly contribute in some way to child labor, slavery or human trafficking. We recognize and embrace our responsibilities relating to human rights, as an employer, purchaser of goods and services, investor and provider of insurance products and services. By supporting business partners who share our core values, and by pushing for fairness and equality wherever we operate around the world, we can be a positive influence for workers everywhere. That's what our core values are all about.

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Purpose in Practice

Respecting and protecting human rights means we:

  • Comply with all local and international labor laws where we do business and operate, often going above and beyond their requirements
  • Perform due diligence to find business partners who share our core values and commitment to protect human rights and improve working conditions for all
  • Engage in site inspections and other activities to confirm our partners are upholding their commitments to safe and fair working conditions

If you believe a business partner may be acting unethically, contact your manager or Human Resources, or follow the Speak Up Process so we can initiate an investigation.

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