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Preventing Bribery and Corruption

People with Purpose

Trust our people, products and processes to provide our competitive edge and actively fight corruption in all forms.

We are committed to winning in business because of the confidence and trust that our people and services inspire and the superior value we provide. Corruption has no place in our business, and we do not tolerate it in any form, anywhere we operate. We are each accountable for recognizing the signs of bribery and corruption and for making our business and our communities stronger by refusing to participate.

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Purpose in Practice

Preventing bribery and corruption means we:

  • Never offer or accept bribes, kickbacks or anything of value that could improperly influence a business decision
  • Take special care not to promise or provide anything of value to public officials or to anyone else to gain a business advantage
  • Follow our company policies and core values when it comes to giving and receiving business gifts and entertainment
  • Record all payments and receipts completely and accurately
  • Do not use a third party to make improper payments that we cannot make ourselves
  • Perform due diligence to ensure our agents, contractors, suppliers and third-party representatives share our anti-corruption stance and values
  • Comply with the FCPA, the U.K. Bribery Act and any other anti-corruption regulations that apply to us

For more information, see our Antibribery Compliance Policy.



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A bribe involves giving or offering any payment or anything of value to obtain favorable treatment. Kickbacks involve giving or receiving personal payments as a reward for the grant of a contract or other favorable outcome or business transaction. Neither bribes nor kickbacks are acceptable methods to facilitate business.

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