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Doing Business Across Borders

People with Purpose

Understand and follow the letter and spirit of all trade regulations that apply to us.

With operations around the globe, we are subject to a wide variety of trade regulations and procedures. By understanding and following these regulations that apply to us, we protect our customers, our communities and our stakeholders everywhere.

Purpose in Practice

Doing business across borders with ethics and integrity means we:

  • Design, employ and constantly improve robust controls that track and protect our assets and ensure accurate financial reporting
  • Observe economic and trade sanctions established by U.S. federal and international mandates
  • Adhere to all anti-boycott laws that apply to us and do not take part in unsanctioned boycotts
  • Obtain proper authorization before transferring materials or information across borders

Trade regulations change often and can be very complicated. If you have any questions, contact your manager or see Resources.

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