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Keeping the Work Environment Safe and Healthy

make the safety and health of everyone who works with us a top priority.

As insurers, we see the impact of accidents and unsafe conditions every day. That's why we don't wait for bad things to happen; we take action to prevent them, and we help our customers do the same. Promoting safety is core to our business, and it starts in our own work environment. The care and responsibility we show in looking out for each other put us in the best position to help our customers stay healthy and safe. Keeping our work environment free from drugs, alcohol and violence allows us to operate with the precision, speed and good judgment it takes to deliver superior performance.

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Purpose in Practice

Keeping the work environment safe and healthy means we:

  • Find proactive ways to keep colleagues, customers and visitors safe
  • Take action to correct unsafe conditions or notify others who can
  • Never look the other way in potentially unsafe conditions
  • Report all accidents, injuries, illnesses, violent behavior and threats
  • Arrive for work free from the influence of any substance that could impair performance or create an unsafe working environment
  • Have a zero-tolerance policy for violence, threats and intimidation
  • Never allow weapons on company premises or when conducting or traveling for company business, unless we are required by law to permit them
  • Follow all security procedures, including those involving access restrictions, employee badges, keys and passwords
  • Know what to do in an emergency and cooperate during the practice of emergency procedures
  • Never retaliate when someone raises concerns about unsafe conditions

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