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Using Social Media Responsibly

People with Purpose

use social media with care, exercising the right to free expression while protecting the Company's good name

We are leaders and innovators in the online marketplace. We take pride in being as interactive and web-savvy as our customers. Social media enhances our ability to have honest, direct and meaningful exchanges with our customers and other stakeholders. This puts the power to communicate instantly with millions of people in our hands, and we must use that responsibility with great care. By holding ourselves to the same standards of honesty, caring and accountability online as in the workplace, we do the right thing for our customers, our stakeholders, our communities and our Company.

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Purpose in Practice

Using social media responsibly means we:

  • Adhere to our core values in all business communications
  • Comply with all applicable social media policies
  • Never create the impression that our personal opinions are those of the Allstate Family of Companies. This includes using company logos or your company email address to post personal opinions
  • Are transparent about our role with the Allstate Family of Companies when discussing topics relevant to the Allstate Family of Companies
  • Do not disclose proprietary or confidential information obtained through our business relationships, whether it belongs to our Company or to others
  • Ensure time spent on social media activities does not interfere with our work commitments

Whether you're acting as an employee or an individual, it's best to always think before you post. If you're concerned about whether something might cross the line, see Resources.



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Social media includes well-known sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It also includes forums and discussion boards like Reddit, video-sharing sites like YouTube, corporate or personal blogging sites, comment sections in online articles and collaborative publishing sites like Wikipedia or Google Docs.

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