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Fostering a Respectful Workplace

People with Purpose

Respect and support each other and take accountability for maintaining a workplace free from verbal or physical harassment, abuse, intimidation and bullying.

We serve our customers and each other best when we interact with empathy and respect. By caring about the feelings and perspectives of others, we avoid misunderstandings and create a positive work environment that empowers us all to deliver superior performance. Engaging with others openly and respectfully, and speaking up about any unwelcome conduct, helps us sustain a culture built on a foundation of trust.

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Purpose in Practice

Fostering a respectful workplace means we:

  • Stay mindful of how our words and actions might be received
  • Discourage behavior that could be considered degrading or intimidating to others or could otherwise make them feel unsafe in our workplace
  • Remain vigilant for signs that others are being harassed or bullied
  • Avoid verbal or physical conduct that degrades or disparages based on race; color; age; sex; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; national or ethnic origin; social origin including caste; religion or creed; disability, military, veteran, marital or citizenship status; or any other category protected by applicable law
  • Report any suspected harassment to a manager or Human Resources, or follow the Speak Up Process whether or not we are the direct target of the conduct

Remember, abusive or hostile words and actions can sometimes be a prelude to serious violent behavior. They should be reported immediately to Human Resources or a manager. In the case of imminent potential danger, contact the appropriate emergency personnel for your location.

For more information, see Resources.



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You don't have to be the actual victim of harassment, sexual or otherwise, to make a report. Perhaps you have a coworker who is shy and conservative but is constantly subjected to lewd jokes by his manager. Even if the jokes don't personally offend you and your coworker has never specifically complained, you should still report the manager's behavior. You might end up protecting the coworker or someone else who's not comfortable with the behavior. You could even prevent a more serious incident in the future. Remember, we are all leaders.

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