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Promoting Equal Opportunity

People with Purpose

Evaluate on merit, reward on achievement and prevent all forms of discrimination.

When we hire and promote based on merit, we not only honor our core values but we also help ensure that our Company and our customers get the very best. We avoid discrimination of any kind. This improves our chances of finding the right person for every position while elevating our standing as a premier place to work and grow.

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Purpose in Practice

Promoting equal opportunity means we:

  • Use measurable skills and achievements as the main criteria for assessing job applicants and current employees
  • Help each other develop and reach our fullest potential
  • Comply with all applicable employment laws, rules and regulations
  • Prohibit discrimination on the grounds of:
    • Ancestry
    • Race
    • Color
    • Religion (including religious dress) or creed
    • National, ethnic or social origin, including casteli
    • Sex, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression
    • Genetic information
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Military or veteran status
    • Medical condition
    • Marital status
    • Citizenship status
    • Other protected categories as provided by applicable law

If you believe someone is being discriminated against, contact your manager or Human Resources, or follow the Speak Up Process. For more information, see Resources.


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One of the candidates for our open analyst position is highly qualified, but she is also legally deaf. I'm concerned about possible communication issues with colleagues and key business partners. Can this factor into my hiring decision?

Your decision must be based on whether the candidate is able to perform the job, with or without reasonable accommodation. Thus, it's vital that you consider what accommodations might be made to mitigate or eliminate any potential issues. This will ensure that you fulfill our legal and ethical obligations. More importantly, it could also ensure that you don't miss out on someone who might be the most creative and skilled analyst available. Her unique perspective may benefit your team in ways you can't imagine.

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