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Selling and Marketing with Integrity

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People with Purpose

Are authentic, honest and accountable when promoting our products and services.

We are here to serve customers who need our help and protection as they plan for their futures. They trust us to tell the truth and deliver on our promises. By representing our products and services with honesty and integrity, we give customers the best chance to choose what is right for them. Honoring our core values in this way earns customer loyalty, enhances our reputation and strengthens our ability to grow and thrive in a competitive global marketplace.

Purpose in Practice

Selling and marketing with integrity means we:

  • Avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation and deception
  • Only make claims about our products and services that can be substantiated
  • Never make false or misleading claims about competitors' products and services
  • Deal fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors
  • Never take advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment or abuse of privileged information
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations in all markets where we do business



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leadership in action

I took a call at a Customer Contact Center from someone shopping for auto insurance. He mentioned a competitor's product and asked my opinion of it. My honest belief is that it's inferior to what we're offering. Can I say this?

We are committed to selling our products and services based on their competitive merits, not by disparaging the product and service offerings of a competitor. In the interest of transparency, you may offer a comparison. However, when you talk about a competitor's products, you must stick exclusively to what you know to be both factual and current, separate from your opinions. In this case, it's best to focus the discussion on our own product and its value and benefits.

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