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Preventing Insider Trading

People with Purpose

Never use or disclose material, nonpublic information about Allstate or another company improperly.

Purpose in Practice

Preventing insider trading means we:

  • Never buy or sell related securities if we are personally aware of material, nonpublic information about Allstate, its subsidiaries or any other company
  • Do not "tip"—the direct or indirect passing of material, nonpublic information about any company to someone who might use it in a trade
  • Use strict security measures to protect sensitive information
  • Protect material, nonpublic information from unauthorized disclosure

Insider trading cheats shareholders, distorts markets and erodes the trust of those we serve. It's a serious violation that can carry significant penalties. For more information, see the Insider Trading Policy.

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"Inside information" is material, nonpublic information about the Allstate Family of Companies or another company that a reasonable investor would consider important in making an investment decision. Information or events that could be considered potentially material include:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, tender offers or joint ventures
  • Earnings information, including earnings forecasts or other unpublished financial information
  • Major changes in management or strategy
  • Significant new contracts or partnerships
  • Decisions to expand or reduce operations
  • Significant litigation or regulatory examinations or investigations
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