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Using Information and Communications Systems Responsibly

People with Purpose

Respect and protect company communications equipment and systems, treating them with care and professionalism.

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Purpose in Practice

Using information and communications systems responsibly means we:

  • Safeguard company information and data against loss, theft, damage and unauthorized access
  • Do not store company information on personal systems or equipment, unless permitted in a company-sponsored technology program
  • Never use company systems or devices for activities that are illegal or that violate our policies and core values, including access, storage or distribution of:
    • Illegal, pornographic, obscene, offensive, harassing or discriminatory content
    • Unauthorized mass distributions, chain letters, pyramid schemes, gambling, commercial ventures or games
    • Large personal files of visual or audio material
    • Material that violates others' intellectual property rights
    • Malware or other content that compromises our security
    • Unauthorized software
  • Do not share passwords or details of other access controls
  • Minimize personal use of company equipment and systems

For more information, see Resources.



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Acceptable personal use of company assets means use that does not reduce the value of those assets, create additional costs, involve inappropriate content, affect job duties and productivity, or put the Company at risk of liability.

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