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Gathering Competitive Intelligence Fairly

People with Purpose

Learn about competitors in ways that are transparent, legal and ethical.

We need to obtain information about our competition to make strategic business decisions. However, our integrity compels us to treat our competitors the way we would expect to be treated: fairly and honorably. That's how we do business, no matter how high the stakes. We never resort to unethical means to compete.

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Purpose in Practice

Gathering competitive intelligence fairly means we:

  • Rely on publicly available information, such as published articles, regulatory filings and online posts
  • Conduct market research, either directly or through external agencies
  • Never seek or accept information if obtained illegally or unethically, such as through bribery or theft
  • Never accept confidential information without the owner's consent
  • Avoid competitor information if we know we're not meant to obtain it
  • Never seek competitor information from job applicants or current employees who worked for a competitor
  • Respect the terms of confidentiality agreements that competitors make with members of the Allstate Family of Companies


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leadership in action

I recently attended an industry event near our office. As I left the room, I noticed a notebook on the floor and opened it to find out whom it belonged to. I quickly realized it belonged to a competitor. What should I do with it? Normally I would just turn it in to the lost and found, but in this case, I want to make sure that the owner gets it back and also to be upfront that I was the one who found it.

Your instincts are right. In this case, the right thing to do is not only to return the notebook but also to be clear that you briefly had it in your possession. If practical, immediately return or determine next steps to return the notebook to its owner. In either case, contact the appropriate corporate legal contact or Human Resources, or follow the Speak Up Process to advise someone of the situation.

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