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Safeguarding Our Assets and Information

People with Purpose

Treat all company assets with care and respect, and safeguard them from misuse.

Our assets are critical to our sustained growth and success. They give us a competitive edge in the marketplace. Each one, from our buildings, computer systems and investments to our sensitive information and reputation, represents the hard work we have all put in. We all share the responsibility to protect those assets from mistreatment. We act as leaders when we take accountability for ensuring company assets are always used efficiently, fairly and properly.

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Purpose in Practice

Safeguarding our assets and information means we:

  • Take robust steps to prevent loss, damage, theft, waste and misuse of all company assets, both physical and intangible
  • Use company assets for business purposes only, except for minimal personal use
  • Obtain, secure and destroy company information according to company policy
  • Never remove, sell, lend, borrow or dispose of assets without authorization
  • Are cost-conscious when we incur expenses or purchase assets for the Company
  • Seek reimbursement only for true business-related expenses
  • Treat customer and supplier assets as carefully as we do our own
  • Report any instance where it seems company assets might be misused

To report the mistreatment of company assets, contact your manager or see Resources.



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"Assets" can refer to many things, including:

  • Information assets, such as any data related to our business, regardless of how it is created, used or stored
  • Financial assets, such as money, financial instruments or anything that can be converted into money
  • Physical assets provided to employees to conduct business, such as phones, computers, buildings, vehicles and office supplies
  • Intangible assets, such as ideas, inventions, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and our reputation
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