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Protecting Our Environment

People with Purpose

Reduce our environmental impact and pursue our business operations as sustainably as possible.

As a leading insurer, we understand that climate change has a direct impact on our business since it can increase the volatility, frequency and unpredictability of natural catastrophes, such as severe storms, droughts and other extreme weather events. It can also have a human cost, causing suffering for our customers, our employees and the communities where we live and work. That is why we have a climate change statement defining our management approach to one of society's most pressing global challenges. It's part of our overall commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Purpose in Practice

Protecting our environment means we:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and company policies, including permits and licenses
  • Practice responsible supply chain management
  • Report any environmental incidents or risks of incidents
  • Reduce waste, emissions and energy use in our facilities
  • Stress sustainability in building design, construction and renovation
  • Conserve and recycle whenever possible
  • Search for business partners who share our environmental standards

If you suspect a potential violation of our environmental policies, contact your manager or Human Resources, or follow the Speak Up Process.

For more information, see our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.



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As an insurance company, we don't have factories that manufacture anything. But we still have plenty of opportunities to reduce our environmental impact. We have facilities around the globe. Each of us can keep looking for new ways to cut paper and fossil fuel use, increase energy efficiency and conservation, widen our recycling efforts, reduce our vehicle emissions and lower our carbon footprint.

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