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Participating in the Political Process

engage thoughtfully in the political process, protecting our interests while bringing positive change to our communities.

We encourage work-life balance, which includes participation in the political process and civic duties. We also recognize the need to engage in politics as a Company. In both cases, it is essential that we do so legally and ethically to keep from harming the Company's reputation and interests. We separate our personal political activities from our work to maintain the transparency, honesty and integrity that our customers, communities and stakeholders have come to expect from us.

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Purpose in Practice

Participating in the political process properly means we:

  • Comply with all campaign finance and election laws where we do business
  • Notify the Company when we run for office or get appointed or elected to office
  • Never contact lawmakers on behalf of the Company or lobby with lawmakers for the Company's interests without getting explicit approval from Government & Industry Relations first
  • Make it clear that we do not formally represent the Company if we mention our position with the Company when we take political action
  • Understand that activities with lawmakers outside of constituent advocacy could be considered lobbying and would have to meet all reporting and other legal requirements
  • Keep our personal political activities separate from our work environment
  • Do not bully or force our political views on others in the workplace

If you are seeking an elected or appointed political position, contact Human Resources. Making the Company aware of your activity will help prevent potential conflicts of interest or the appearance of such conflicts.

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