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Contributing to Our Communities

People with Purpose

Support our communities and help them thrive.

We care about our customers and the communities they live in. Those diverse communities are where we live too. We can offer them consistent, positive change by engaging in community partnerships, volunteer efforts, charity drives, mentoring programs and a number of other initiatives that bring our core values to life.

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Purpose in Practice

Contributing to our communities means we:

  • Encourage each other to volunteer and support worthy causes
  • Organize charity drives, leadership programs, educational efforts and donations
  • Make sure all contributions and charity efforts are legal and ethical
  • Always get approval before using company resources, acting as a company representative or donating anything in the Company's name
  • Never unduly pressure others to contribute or seek favors in exchange for contributions

If you have questions about whether you can represent the Company while participating in a charitable cause, ask your manager. If you think the Company might want to get involved as a sponsor and you are unsure of whom to contact, reach out to Human Resources.

For more information, see our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.



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The Allstate Family of Companies and our colleagues have donated millions of dollars to and volunteered thousands of days for charitable causes in our communities. These efforts have included safe-driving education, disaster preparation, youth empowerment and comprehensive efforts to help domestic violence survivors break free and gain their independence.

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